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Off Season

The off-season begins the moment following a team's last game and goes until training camp starts the following  July. Medical intervention such as surgery, arthroscopy, rehab programs, or even a significant period of rest, begins immediately after the season ends and are monitored by ATC staff. The relative volume, compared to the regular season, is less because there are fewer players, but there are a variety of things to coordinate for those who remain in town.

After preparing for and attending the Combine in February, ATCs utilize this time to attend continuing education seminars and research new programs to implement next season before welcoming players back in mid-April for off-season conditioning. Preparing for the rookie draft is then followed by preparations for mini-camps and preseason workouts in May and June. July means the beginning of Training Camp and then the season starts all over again.

A less time-intensive schedule during the off-season brings the opportunity for vacations with family, or catching up on personal hobbies and recreation. Even though there is still plenty to do, the off-season is a welcome chance to break from the long hours of the regular season.


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