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Tim Davey Assistant Athletic Trainer of the Year

Tim Davey Assistant Athletic Trainer of the Year Award sponsored by Henry Schein

The Tim Davey Assistant Athletic Trainer Award was formed in recognition of the outstanding effort Tim made in the field of athletic training. Tim was an employee of the New York Jets and the NFL for 33 years. He was an assistant athletic trainer for the Jets from 1969 to 1977. He stayed on with the Jets involved with team operations from 1977 to 1991. Tim later joined the NFL in 1991 in the game operations department. He served as the league’s coordinator of stadium operations and field matters, and was in charge of operations at AFC/NFC championship games and led Pro Bowl Operations. Tim’s commitment to doing the best possible job in everything he did, his sense of humor and the fact that you could always count on him as a colleague and friend are the Principals for this award. Tim passed away in January of 2010, but his legacy will live on through this award.

The Tim Davey Assistant Athletic Trainer of the Year award is presented annually at the PFATS meeting at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. The recipient is nominated by the membership and selected by a committee that includes past recipients. This award is emblematic of the commitment, dedication and high level of integrity that Tim Davey brought to the profession of athletic training and is representative of his level of service which he dedicated to his surrounding community.

Previous Winners

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  • 2017 - NFC Recipient: Jeff Herndon, Arizona Cardinals | AFC Recipient: Joe Van Allen, New England Patriots
  • 2016 - NFC Recipient: Kevin Mangum, New Orleans Saints | AFC Recipient: Roland Ramirez, Houston Texans
  • 2015 - NFC Recipient: Joe Recknagel, Detroit Lions | AFC Recipient: Scott Touchet, Oakland Raiders
  • 2014 - NFC Recipient: Bryan Engel, Green Bay Packers | AFC Recipient: Greg McMillen, Buffalo Bills
  • 2013 - NFC Recipient: Britt Brown, Dallas Cowboys | AFC Recipient: Don Moseley, Tennessee Titans
  • 2012 - NFC Recipient: Steve Kennelly, New York Football Giants | AFC Recipient: Troy Maurer, Miami Dolphins
  • 2011 - NFC Recipient: Jim Shearer, Arizona Cardinals | AFC Recipient: Corey Oshikoya, Denver Broncos