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Kyle Blackman
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Washington Redskins 

Success is defined by people in many different ways. “The accomplishments of one’s goal”; is one definition but for Kyle Blackman success is defined from helping athletes get back on the playing field.  Since the 2011 season Kyle has been an assistant athletic trainer with the Washington Redskins doing just that. Prior to working with the Washington Redskins, Blackman was the Head Athletic Trainer for the Colorado Crush of the AFL in 2008, as well as completing a season long internship with the Redskins for the 2010-2011 season. 

Hard work and dedication are principles that can be used to describe Blackman’s work ethic. In addition to furthering the health and safety of the players, along with the Redskins medical staff, Kyle has a few other duties he takes care of. Kyle maintains an accurate budget and prescription drug log,  up to date supplies list, and oversees the ordering duties. Blackman also coordinates all the logistics of game and practice set up and will be the main contact for the new NFL EMR system.

Blackman’s high school athletic trainer was the one who introduced him to the art of athletic training. That encounter and Kyle’s love of sports and interest in medicine lead him to pursue athletic training.  In that same light Blackman shares his advice for future athletic trainers. Look to gain as much experience as you can and do as much as you can, for with experience comes knowledge and confidence in your skills.  The more opportunities you have to complete a task the more assured you will feel. Continue to always ask questions, use all of your resources to the fullest. 

Kyle attended Franklin College where he received his Bachelors of Science. Blackman then went on to obtain his Masters of Science degree at Troy University. Blackman also enjoys playing golf and running, and has his next goal of running in a full marathon and competing in a triathlon in his sights. 






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