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St. Louis Rams Host Athletic Training Day with Don Joy

The St. Louis Rams Athletic Training Staff partnered with Don Joy to host their inaugural Athletic Training Day last week.  The focus of the seminar was to provide a free educational opportunity to examine cutting-edge techniques concerning how football players move their bodies and how they are affected by nutrition. 

“There are a lot of colleges and high schools in the greater St. Louis area, so I was excited about an opportunity to boost those relationships and look forward to a continued fellowship with our local athletic trainers,” said Reggie Scott, St. Louis Rams Head Athletic Trainer.

The free seminar was held at the athletic department’s home base, Rams Park, on Thursday, May 30.  The program started in the team auditorium where attendees took in a base of knowledge on Functional Movement Screen, before breaking up into labs.

“It’s important to continue promoting and educating our profession to maximize quality medical care for our athletes,” Scott said.

Scott was joined by his four staff members in presenting their best practices to the 20 attendees.  His staff includes Byron Cunningham, physical therapist/assistant athletic trainer, as well as James Lomax and Tyler Williams, both assistant athletic trainers.  Shawn Zell is the team dietician/chef and also presented.

The seminar was tailored to provide insight on cutting edge topics in the athletic training industry and how it is relative to NFL athletes.  This year’s topics included: corrective exercises, psoas release/glute activation, and cramping prevention through game day nutrition.

“The seminar was an overwhelming success,” Williams said.  “It was great to get involved and build relationships with the surrounding area athletic trainers from various programs.” 

The athletic training staff was also accompanied by Don Joy Representative Jeff Eddy.  The two entities demonstrated how Don Joy products are incorporated into the team’s injury prevention and rehabilitation practices.

“The feedback from all of the attendees has been great,” Eddy said. “They are all looking forward to next year already.”

Through the breakout labs, the staff was able to engage attendees individually.

“The Rams staff brought information and techniques to the attendees that were new to most of them,” Eddy said. “The opportunity to actively perform the techniques made a huge impact on why we need to stay up to pace with newer concepts in the field. They really did a great job of stimulating our desire to learn more about these topics.”

With the first seminar in the books, the Rams athletic training department looks to build upon the relationships formed and continue to offer innovative training education in the future.






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