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Sleep and the Elite Athlete

In Sports Science Exchange #113, Sleep and the Elite Athlete, Shona Halson explains why sleep is essential for athletes, both in preparing for and in recovering from training and competition. Halson finds that sleep disturbances in elite athletes can occur both during training and following competition, and sleep deprivation can have significant effects on athletic performance, especially sub-maximal, prolonged exercise. From the available evidence, it appears that athletes may be obtaining less​


Aloha, PFATS from the Pro Bowl!

The National Football League possesses an amazing history of exceptional people, memorable games, legendary stadiums and rich traditions. As athletic trainers, we work diligently with our organizations to make the goal of reaching the Super Bowl a reality. However, when this goal falls short, a few fortunate players and staff have the opportunity to participate in the Pro Bowl.


Scott Trulock named Head Athletic Trainer for the Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars named Scott Trulock head athletic trainer, the club announced today. Trulock spent the past seven seasons in the same capacity for the University of North Carolina football team. ​


An Inside Look at the NFL Combine

As the end of the regular season winds down, many athletic training staffs have a variety of tasks to accomplish, from upcoming playoff games to end of season physicals. Regardless of the eventuality of each of our seasons, we are quickly reminded of the various events that contribute to the make up our “off season”. One of the first events, and an extremely important part of the off season, is the annual NFL Scouting Combine and Physicals.


Tennessee Titans name Todd Toriscelli Director of Sports Medicine

Todd Toriscelli joins the Titans after 17 seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The last four seasons he held the title of Director of Sports Medicine and Performance after 13 years as the Head Athletic Trainer.


Bears Assistant Athletic Trainer Bobby Slater named Head Athletic Trainer of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bobby Slater, formerly of the Chicago Bears, has been named the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new Head Athletic Trainer.


The Superbowl Experience with David Stricklin

7 days a week since July 21st. 10-13 hour days. Missing time with family and friends. Dealing with personalities that sometimes are not the best every day. Guys getting injured, and working their tail off to get back. All of these things along a journey with major emotional and physical peaks and valleys to emerge… at the end… with over 120 million witnesses… Super Bowl XLVIII Champions.


Mike Ryan looks back...

Having been an NFL athletic trainer for 26 years, the last 20 as the Jaguars’ head athletic trainer/physical therapist, means he has been doing the job he once dreamed of doing for more than half of his life.


GSSI: The Carbohydrate Commitment

All athletes require dietary carbohydrate as a fuel source for working muscles. However, carbohydrate needs can vary significantly depending on the type of sport and even within sport, by event or position. As a general rule, athletes participating in aerobically-based sports will require higher amounts of carbohydrate than those competing in anaerobic sports.


Corrective Strategies to Assist in the Prevention of Adductor Strains in Defensive Lineman

St. Louis assistant athletic trainer Tyler Williams discusses movement patterns and corrective exercises concerning adductor strains with defensive lineman.

Results: 135 Articles found.
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