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Mike Ryan looks back...

Having been an NFL athletic trainer for 26 years, the last 20 as the Jaguars’ head athletic trainer/physical therapist, means he has been doing the job he once dreamed of doing for more than half of his life.


GSSI: The Carbohydrate Commitment

All athletes require dietary carbohydrate as a fuel source for working muscles. However, carbohydrate needs can vary significantly depending on the type of sport and even within sport, by event or position. As a general rule, athletes participating in aerobically-based sports will require higher amounts of carbohydrate than those competing in anaerobic sports.


Corrective Strategies to Assist in the Prevention of Adductor Strains in Defensive Lineman

St. Louis assistant athletic trainer Tyler Williams discusses movement patterns and corrective exercises concerning adductor strains with defensive lineman.


The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Highlights the work of the Packers Athletic Training Staff

There's a reason Randall Cobb mentioned his athletic trainer when he talked about his long-awaited comeback Sunday after that spectacular game-winning touchdown catch in Chicago. Read more about the Green Bay Packers Athletic Training Staff!


Geoff Kaplan and the Life of an NFL Athletic Trainer

The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel talks about how Houston Texans Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer Geoff Kaplan got his start in Green Bay and gives us a glimpse in to life as an NFL athletic trainer.


Game Day with Jacksonville Jaguars Head Athletic Trainer Mike Ryan

“What does an NFL athletic trainer do on game day?” I hear that question often and I’ve always wanted to share the answer. Sundays during the fall season are easily the best day of the week for fans, players, coaches and, of course, athletic trainers.


Houston Texans Staff wins PFATS Athletic Training Staff of the Year!

The Pro Football Athletic Trainers Society has recognized the best athletic training staff in the NFL since 1985. In 2013, the Houston Texans staff of Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer, Geoff Kaplan, Coordinator of Rehabilitation/Assistant Athletic Trainer, Roland Ramirez, and Assistant Athletic Trainer, A.J. Van Valkenburgh, along with their interns, Travis Turner, Adrian Dixon and Andrew Crane, received this prestigious honor.


PFATS Officially Supports USA Football's Heads Up Football Program!

The Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) has partnered with USA Football to advance youth and high school football player safety by endorsing USA Football’s Heads Up Football program!​


A Guide to Managing Low Back Pain

Redskins Physical Therapist/Asst Athletic Trainer Elliot Jermyn is currently in his 6th season with the Redskins. Prior to the redskins, he specialized he sport-related injuries and spinal conditions at an outpatient sports medicine clinic in Bethesda, MD.

Machine, Arizona Cardinals Celebrates the Career of Longtime Arizona Cardinals Assistant Athletic Trainer Jim Shearer

Jim “The Machine” Shearer has retired from the NFL after being on the sidelines with the St. Louis and Arizona Cardinals for 40 years. At the time of his retirement Jim was the longest tenured athletic trainer in the National Football League.

Results: 128 Articles found.
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