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New York Giants Athletic Training Interns Reflect on Mini-Camp

Sitting in laboratories, medical school students envision themselves performing life-saving surgeries. Law students fall asleep in piles of books, daydreaming about sitting on the Supreme Court. After all, every graduate student has a white whale that motivates their efforts and pursuit of knowledge. For many athletic training students, this white whale is working in the National Football League. ​

2010.12.05.STL_ARZ_069 Highlights Athletic Trainer

It isn’t difficult to spot a Rams athletic trainer at practice or during a game. They constantly roam the field hydrating the team and orchestrating rehabilitation routines, and according to Rams Assistant Athletic Trainer James Lomax, they are the first responders when a player is injured.


St. Louis Rams Host Athletic Training Day with Don Joy

The St. Louis Rams Athletic Training Staff partnered with Don Joy to host their inaugural Athletic Training Day last week. The focus of the seminar was to provide a free educational opportunity to examine cutting-edge techniques concerning how football players move their bodies and how they are affected by nutrition.


Life as a Dallas Cowboys Athletic Training Intern: A Snapshot of Manadatory Mini-Camp

When I first was exposed to athletic training as a freshman in high school I immediately thought of one day working in the National Football league. My undergraduate education at Texas Christian University helped prepare me to take a step towards achieving that goal. As a two year member of the Dallas Cowboys athletic training staff, I have been afforded the opportunity to reach that goal and more importantly to work alongside a very tight knit group.


New England Patriots intern Mike Baum reflects on his Seasonal Internship Experience

My name is Mike Baum and I am currently a yearlong athletic training intern with the New England Patriots. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of my personal experiences as a yearlong intern with the New England Patriots. Some of the topics are pretty universal across the league or any position, but it’s important to remember that each team is different and will utilize their interns differently.


PFATS President and Steelers Head Athletic Trainer John Norwig talks about concussion management

Attendees at a concussion conference in Pittsburgh heard an example of what it means to err on the side of caution in deciding whether a concussed athlete – even if it's Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger going into a critical game – is ready to return to play.


Sugarman and Staff nominated for 2013 Hydroworx Excellence in Aquatics Award!

The 2013 Excellence in Aquatics Award recognizes these professionals who, despite all odds, garnered superior rehabilitation results through innovative, and sometimes unconventional, methods. These pioneers relied on aquatics as a medium to help achieve exceptional results. VOTE NOW for Eric and his Staff!


Home Away From Home - Baltimore Ravens at Superbowl XLVII

Athletes are creatures of habit and even more so when it comes to the “Big Game”. So as a team begins it preparations for what will be the culmination of a season that will be defined by whether it wins or loses this single game, the athletic training staff also works to do its part. Even though this is done week in and week out throughout the season, when it comes to the Super Bowl one looks to make sure no stone is unturned in creating a “home away from home”.


NFL Health Update: N.Y. Giants’ Sr. VP of Medical Services talks about his role in player health and safety

New York Giants Vice President of Medical Services Ronnie Barnes, a member of the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee, joined the New York Giants in 1976 and has served as the team’s head athletic trainer since 1980. The National Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Fame honoree (Class of 1999) recently addressed various subjects related to player health and safety.


Beating the Odds: Pittsburgh Steelers athletic trainer shares pioneering story

Sonia Gysland isn’t offended when people question her suitability as an athletic trainer in the NFL. “I thrive on people doubting my abilities as a female,” she told an audience of more than 75 athletic training students at the University of Delaware on Thursday evening...

Results: 129 Articles found.
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