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Siege the Day: The Tampa Bay Bucs Seasonal Athletic Training Internship Experience

Being offered a seasonal internship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2015 season was one of the most gratifying moments of my life. Not many Athletic Trainers are privileged to have the opportunity to work in the National Football League and experience what goes on through the daily functions of an NFL athletic training room. Therefore, I made it a mission to act as a human sponge and absorb as much knowledge as I could throughout my time with the Buccaneers.


Scottie Patton talks about hosting an HS Athletic Training Symposium

The New Orleans Saints’ head athletic trainer always wanted to host a symposium to educate high school students about the profession. Getting the event off the ground was a team effort.


11 Tips for Success as an NFL Athletic Training Intern

It's the time of year when athletic training students from all over the country are applying for NFL Internships! Green Bay Packers Intern John Michel provides 11 tips for success for prospective summer and seasonal interns.


NFL Network - University of Delaware Athletic Training Student working in the NFL!

Athletic trainers are usually the first professionals on the scene when players are hurt on the field, and a number of University of Delaware athletic training students have had a front-row seat to the treatment of injuries in the NFL through internships and full-time employment.


Mid-line Stabilization: Bridging the Gap Between Pre-hab and Training

Injury prevention/reduction programs are now common at most levels of sport. Injuries are often multi-factorial and can include the effects of differing levels of sleep, nutrition, training, practice, etc. This article will address injury prevention by examining overall movement patterns and teaching athletes the use of proper form to develop better training habits.


Moving the Chains: From College to an NFL Seasonal Internship

Less than a week after finishing PT school, I started my first day of training camp in the National Football League as the seasonal intern for the New York Giants. Seven long years of school finally paid off, and a dream came true.


Radford University Alum Trevor Stewart talks about his internship with the Redskins

Battered and bruised, Washington Redskins players filed into in the FedEx Field locker room at halftime on a Sunday afternoon in late October. The Washington club was in a tough struggle with the Bears from Chicago, and the gridiron warriors fighting for 'ol D.C., had the wounds to prove it.


Making the Cut: Part III Keys to Success

Part III: In the final installment of Making the Cut, the PFATS panel talks about the keys to being successful during an NFL athletic training internship.


Making the Cut: Separating Yourself From The Pack And Common Applicaiton Blunders

Part II: In the second installment of "Making The Cut", our panel discusses how internship applicants can separate themselves from the pack and the most common mistakes made when applying.


Making the Cut: The NFL Athletic Training Internship

Part I: Over the next 3 weeks interviews five NFL assistant athletic trainers to talk about NFL Internships. Our panel will discuss the how an NFL internship can enhance students professionally, the application process, and keys to being a successful as an intern in the NFL.


Life as a Rams Training Camp Intern

Working in the National Football League is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Fortunately for me, I was afforded the opportunity to serve as an athletic training intern for the 2013 St. Louis Rams training camp. I would not trade the hours that I have worked, the information that I have learned, or the friendships I have made for anything. I truly consider myself lucky and blessed to have had this opportunity to work for such a great organization.


Giants Athletic Training Interns Recap their Training Camp Experience! interviews the New York Giants 2013 Training Camp interns about their experience and advice for future NFL summer interns!


New York Giants Athletic Training Interns Reflect on Mini-Camp

Sitting in laboratories, medical school students envision themselves performing life-saving surgeries. Law students fall asleep in piles of books, daydreaming about sitting on the Supreme Court. After all, every graduate student has a white whale that motivates their efforts and pursuit of knowledge. For many athletic training students, this white whale is working in the National Football League. ​


Life as a Dallas Cowboys Athletic Training Intern: A Snapshot of Manadatory Mini-Camp

When I first was exposed to athletic training as a freshman in high school I immediately thought of one day working in the National Football league. My undergraduate education at Texas Christian University helped prepare me to take a step towards achieving that goal. As a two year member of the Dallas Cowboys athletic training staff, I have been afforded the opportunity to reach that goal and more importantly to work alongside a very tight knit group.


New England Patriots intern Mike Baum reflects on his Seasonal Internship Experience

My name is Mike Baum and I am currently a yearlong athletic training intern with the New England Patriots. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of my personal experiences as a yearlong intern with the New England Patriots. Some of the topics are pretty universal across the league or any position, but it’s important to remember that each team is different and will utilize their interns differently.


NFL Intern Article: Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl, Shane Reilly, Buffalo Bills

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