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Medical staff contribute to Patriots Super Bowl success

Patriots head athletic trainer Jim Whalen received a special honor from his peers in the NFL Physicians Society, who named him the league’s Outstanding NFL Athletic Trainer of the Year for 2018. According to the official press announcement, the award goes annually “to an NFL athletic trainer who best reflects the virtues of a certified athletic trainer and displays the highest level of professionalism.”​


Panthers' Kevin King Receives NCATA Award

Carolina Panthers Assistant Athletic Trainer Kevin King was received the Bill Griffin Most Distinguished Award at this year's North Carolina Athletic Trainers Association Clinical Symposium and Awards Ceremony.


Giants' Ronnie Barnes Given Lifetime Achievement Award

Ronnie Barnes has been hurdling barriers and establishing precedents throughout his 43 years with the Giants, so it was entirely appropriate he did it again Thursday night when he received one of the most significant awards of his career.


SPONSORED: Which Tool Is Better for Strength Training in Athletics: Isotonic or Elastic Resistance?

High-intensity strength training is the cornerstone of any successful athlete’s training regimen. It’s no secret that building muscle is a key aspect of improving performance in virtually any sport, as well as everyday life.


Road to a Healthy Super Bowl with Reggie Scott

LA Rams Director of Sports Medicine and Performance, Reggie Scott shares some key things his team does to keep the Rams players healthy and physically ready to compete.


Working to Protect Players from Sunday to Sunday: A Critical Role

As medical professionals, athletic trainers can make a critical difference at the moment an injury happens.​


Sponsored: To Ice or Not to Ice: That is the question

Ice has gotten a bad rap recently. Anti-ice proponents have stated that “Icing doesn’t work,” and ice has “never been proved effective.” Such statements are biased, inaccurate, and just plain wrong. Unfortunately, these claims have done nothing but create confusion and even anger. It’s easy to make these statements by looking at a few selected studies that support the anti-ice position while ignoring the hundreds of other studies on the benefits of cryotherapy.


Tiffany Morton is one of six female certified athletic trainers in the league, and she works for the Kansas City Chiefs

Women are starting to play a larger role in the NFL, and the Kansas City Chiefs are no exception.


How A Chargers Athletic Trainer is Pursuing Her Passion While Breaking Barriers

For athletes, playing in the NFL is a dream come true. For Chargers Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist, Allison Miner, sharing the same field with those players and working for the team she grew up watching is hers.


Sponsored: What’s the best way to perform “Monster Walks”?

Recently, the hip has become en vogue in rehab and sports training, particularly the gluteal muscles (maximus and minimus). It started with the realization that the hip extensors and abductors play an important role in stability and function, yet are often neglected and weak.

Results: 160 Articles found.


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