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Sponsored: Top Football Programs Go Next-Level for Athlete Recovery with NormaTec Recovery Rooms

Article provided by PFATS Platinum Partner NormaTec Recovery

With 97% of pro teams currently relying on NormaTec’s patented recovery technology, athletic trainers and players have embraced the benefits of these pneumatic compression devices. Today, many of the nation’s top programs, from elite high schools to NFL training centers, have created dedicated Recovery Rooms for their athletes, powered by NormaTec. The Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Rams, and the University of Alabama football program are just a few of the teams who have constructed such recovery rooms for their players.

“The NormaTec Recovery Zone is one of the best investments we have made here at Alabama,” says Jeff Allen, Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Medicine for the University of Alabama football program. “I feel like you can define recovery as the ability to maintain your performance each day and each game, and that’s a huge challenge…. And we’ve had a lot of success with NormaTec.”

NormaTec uses dynamic compression and a sophisticated form of biomimicry to increase circulation and speed recovery. Using NormaTec’s leg, arm, or hip attachments rejuvenates sore muscles, reduces pain, and boosts blood flow to the limbs.Athlete recovery is increasingly attributed to competitive success and ability to perform, and active recovery techniques are a now a pillar of intensive training plans. Professional teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and MLB currently utilize NormaTec’s technology, as well as Olympic and elite athletes, and the sports medicine professionals who treat them.

Devoted spaces for athletes to rehab and recover after training and competition are now prevalent in pro sport training facilities and premier institutions around the globe. These spaces typically include treatment tables or comfortable seating with the option to elevate the legs, televisions to review game or practice footage, and other recovery modalities. Athletic trainers report strong player compliance with use of NormaTec in these recovery rooms.

“We gave our players a place where they can come get their bodies flushed out, get their legs back for the next day. That room includes massage therapy and some other tools but the main component is the NormaTec recovery system,” explains Rick Burkholder, Head Athletic Trainer of the Kansas City Chiefs, on the team’s Recovery Room Powered by NormaTec. “We think this is a particular sport that you really have to practice, and our days lost for practices is way down.”

NormaTec originated as a medical device company, treating patients with circulatory disorders, before the technology was honed to the specific needs of athletes. Today, NormaTec’s technology has revolutionized athlete recovery, helping athletes to recover faster with reduced pain, and enhanced blood flow. Proper recovery is helping athletes to reach new heights of performance, beat their PRs, and to continue to dominate their sport. NormaTec Recovery Rooms are a strategic part of the recovery movement, facilitating increased access to world-class rehab and recovery technology for leading athletic programs.