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NFL Internships

Seasonal Internships
Internships vary throughout the league, and typically one to two seasonal internships are available per team. Applicants can apply in the fall for open positions for each team. The majority of NFL teams require that seasonal internship applicants are certified athletic trainers and have either graduated from an accredited undergraduate or graduate Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP). They often start in the spring and extend through the end of the NFL season. A seasonal intern's role will vary from team to team, but he or she typically is involved in duties on a daily basis, continually demonstrating the ability to serve as a productive member of the athletic training staff. As seasonal  interns progress, they gain more responsibilities relative to field setup and breakdown for practice and game days, taping duties and stretching responsibilities. They may help with rehabilitation protocols, provide support during practice and pack and prepare trunks for away games. Mentoring and teaching in relation to football experience is also common. Please contact individual teams to apply.

Training Camp/Summer Internships
Undergraduate students who are enrolled in an accredited Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) can apply in the fall for open positions for each team, which begin in the summer. Teams rely heavily on summer/training camp interns for coverage of the larger number of players present. Interns can expect to be exposed to a variety of rotating responsibilities each week, including field setup and breakdown for practice, taping and rehab to get them involved in different aspects of training camp. Please contact individual teams to apply.

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