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Ed Block NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year



Ed_Block_bestPFATSThe Ed Block Courage Award for NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year is voted on by the PFATS membership and recognizes one NFL athletic training staff annually for their distinguished service to their club, community, and athletic training profession. Ed Block was the head athletic trainer for the Baltimore Colts from 1954-1977. Block suffered a massive coronary during training camp in 1978. The players that he cared for over his career are the same players that rushed to aid, performed CPR and saved his life that summer. Following that incident, he continued to serve as an Athletic Trainer Emeritus with the Colts from 1979 to 1983, where continued to mentor the athletic trainers that followed.  Ed Block was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame in 1974. His tireless contributions towards the healthcare of the Baltimore Colts, was second to his efforts as a humanitarian. Ed Block made significant contributions to improve the lives of children everywhere. The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation is committed to provide hope for children who are abused and neglected, with the goals of both raising awareness and supporting child abuse prevention. For more information regarding Ed Block and the Ed Block Courage Awards, please visit

Read more about the mission of the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation and Courage House National Network for Kids





Previous Winners

Year Team Athletic Trainers
2020 Dallas Cowboys Jim Maurer, Britt Brown, Greg Gaither, Hanson Yang
2019 Cleveland Browns Joe Sheehan, Gordon Williams, Shone Gipson, Patrick Rock, Stefan Varner
2018 Washington Redskins Larry Hess, Elliott Jermyn, Doug Quon, Mark McCracken
2017 Minnesota Vikings Eric Sugarman, Tom Hunkele, Rob Roche, Albert Padilla, Dave Jantzi
2016        New England Patriots Jim Whalen, Joe Van Allen, Daryl Nelson, Michael Akinbola
2015 St. Louis Rams Reggie Scott, James Lomax, Byron Cunningham, Tyler Williams
2014 Buffalo Bills Bud Carpenter, Greg McMillen, Chris Fischetti, Shone Gipson
2013 Houston Texans Geoff Kaplan, Roland Ramirez, AJ Van Valkenburgh
2012 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Todd Toriscelli, Shannon Merrick, John Ames
2011 Green Bay Packers Pepper Burrus, Kurt Fielding, Bryan Engel, Nate Weir
2010 Philadelphia Eagles Rick Burkholder, Chris Peduzzi, Steve Condon, Joe O'Pella
2009 San Diego Chargers James Collins Jr., Damon Mitchell, Will Rogers
2008 Pittsburgh Steelers John Norwig, Ryan Grove, Ariko Iso
2007 Buffalo Bills Bud Carpenter, Greg McMillen, Chris Fischetti, Shone Gipson
2006 Miami Dolphins Kevin O’Neil, Troy Mauer, Ben Westby
2005 New Orleans Saints Scottie Patton, Kevin Mangum, Duane Brooks
2004 Carolina Panthers Ryan Vermillion, Mark Shermansky, Reggie Scott
2003 Jacksonville Jaguars Michael Ryan, John Burrell, Joseph Sheehan
2002 Dallas Cowboys Jim Maurer, Britt Brown, Greg Gaithers
2001 San Francisco 49ers Lindsy Mclean, Todd Lazenby, Jeff Tanaka
2000 Tennessee Titans Brad Brown, Don Moseley, Geoff Kaplan
1999 New York Football Giants  Ronnie Barnes, Steve Kennelly, Byron Hansen
1998 Detroit Lions Kent Falb, Joe Recknagel, Bill Ford, Mike Hopper
1997 New England Patriots Ron O’Neil, Kurt Brummels
1996 Minnesota Vikings Fred Zamberletti, Chuck Barta
1995 Washington Redskins Lamar “Bubba” Tyer, Al Bellamy, Kevin Bastin
1994 Oakland Raiders George Anderson, Rod Martin, Jonathan Jones
1993 Arizona Cardinals John Omohundro, Jim Shearer, Jeff Herndon
1992 Green Bay Packers Domenic Gentile, Kurt Fielding
1991 Kansas City Chiefs Dave Kendall, Bud Epps
1990 Indianapolis Colts Hunter Smith, Dave Hammer
1989 Cleveland Browns Bill Tessendorf, Ron Medlin, Mark Smith, Leo Murphy
1988 Seattle Seahawks Jim Whitesel, John Kasik
1987 Denver Broncos Steve Antonopulos, Jim Gillen
1986 New Orleans Saints Dean Kleinschmidt, Kevin Mangum
1985 New York Jets Bob Reese, Pepper Burruss, Joe Patton



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