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Jerry “Hawk” Rhea Award for Outstanding NFL Team Physician


The Outstanding NFL Team Physician of the Year Jerry "Hawk" Rhea Award has been presented by PFATS (Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society) annually since 1998 at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.  This award is named for Jerry Rhea, who served as head athletic trainer for the Atlanta Falcon from 1969 until 1994. Following his role as head athletic trainer, Rhea worked as Assistant to the President of the Falcons from 1994 to 2001.  In addition to his duties with the Falcons, Rhea has served as the President of the National Athletic Trainers Association and on multiple NATA committees.





This award is given to the NFL team physician who has made the greatest contributions to both the NFL and profession of athletic training. The 2016 Jerry “Hawk” Rhea Award for the Outstanding NFL Team Physician was presented by Ryan Vermillion of the Carolina Panthers to Team Physician Dr. Robert Anderson!


Carolina Panthers Head Athletic Trainer Ryan Vermillion (left) pictured with Team Phyisican and Jerry Rhea  Award Winner Dr.  Robert Anderson (right)


Previous Winners
2015 Dr. Elliott Hershman, New York Jets
2014 Dr. James Bradley, Pittsburgh Steelers

2013 Dr. Dan Cooper, Dallas Cowboys
2012 Dr. Theodore Sclegel  Denver Broncos
2011 Dr. Patrick J. McKenzie Green Bay Packers
2010 Dr. Robert Heidt  Cincinnati Bengals
2009 Dr. Anthony Yates  Pittsburgh Steelers
2008 Dr. Michael Dillingham San Fancisco 49ers
2007 Dr. Walter Timperman Cincinnati Bengals
2007 Dr. Allan M Levy  New York Giants
2006 Dr. Timothy Finney  New Orleans Saints
2005 Dr. David Fischer  Minnesota Vikings
2004 Dr. Russell Warren   New York Giants
2003 Dr. Arthur Rettig  Indianapolis Colts
2002 Dr. Bertram Zarins  New England Patriots
2001 Dr. Charles Harrison  Atlanta Falcons
2000 Dr. Charles Brown  New Orleans Saints
1999 Dr. John Bergfeld  Cleveland Browns
1998 Dr. Don Knowlan  Washington Redskins

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