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Fain Cain Memorial Award for Outstanding NFL Athletic Trainer of the Year

The Fain-Cain award is named for Dr. Thomas E. Cain and Dr. Robert H. Fain, both  long time team physicians for the old Houston Oilers. The award was established shortly after Dr. Cain's death and Dr. Fain's retirement. Both physicians exhibited long term commitments to the NFL and exemplary performances. The award is given annually to an NFL athletic trainer who manifests these traits.  This award is sponsored by the NFL Physician’s Society and is presented to the PFATS member who best reflects the virtues of a certified athletic trainer and displays the highest level of professionalism. This award is given annually at the NFL Team Physicians Scientific Meeting and Symposia in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine. This year’s award was presented to Ryan Vermillion, Head Athletic Trainer, Carolina Panthers.


Carolina Panthers Head Athletic Trainer and Fain-Cain Award Winner Ryan Vermillion (left) pictured with Team Phyisican Dr.  Robert Anderson (right)


Previous Winners
2014 John Norwig Pittsburgh Steelers
2013 Pepper Burress Green Bay Packers
2012 H. Rod Martin   Oakland Raiders
2011 Steve Antonopulos  Denver Broncos
2010 Bill Tessendorf  Baltimore Ravens
2009 Hunter Smith   Indianapolis Colts
2008 John Omohundro  Arizona Cardinals
2007 David C. Kendall  Kansas City Chiefs
2007 Ron O’Neil   New England Patriots
2006 Scottie Patton   New Orleans Saints
2006 Kevin Mangum  New Orleans Saints
2006 Duane Brooks   New Orleans Saints
2005 Lindsy McLean  San Francisco 49ers
2004 Bubba Tyer   Washington Redskins
2003 Ronnie Barnes   New York Giants
2002 Jim Whitesel   Seattle Seahawks
2001 Dean Kleinschmidt  New Orleans Saints
2000 Kent Falb   Detroit Lions
1999 Fred Zamberletti  Minnesota Vikings
1998 Jerry Rhea   Atlanta Falcons

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