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The Combine

The National Invitational Combine in Indianapolis consists of over 300 athletes on average who participate each year in preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft.  ATCs have played a major role at the Combine over the years, but through continual enhancement of medical and computer technology, ATCs accomplish even more on site than ever before. ATCs are part of a team's larger medical staff present to help administer medical physicals. In addition to the athletic training staff members in attendance, there is also typically the director of the orthopedic staff, additional team orthopedists, and an internal medicine physician.

Information learned during examinations is recorded in a file and kept on every player who attends the Combine. These documents include physicians' dictations from orthopedic physicals, data from medical physicals, copies of diagnostic work ups, X-rays, CT scans and MRIs. Each club’s medical staff takes all accumulated information and presents a medical risk analysis for management and scouting personnel to use as a component in deciding which players to draft.  During the NFL Draft, ATC’s and team physicians are involved in the consulting process concerning a player’s medical history before they are selected.  Additionally, each club usually has a list of non-combine athletes who are eligible for the upcoming draft.  The ATC’s perform in-depth research from collegiate ATC’s and medical databases to obtain as much medical history as possible on their club’s targeted non-combine players. 


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