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Tenn_Casey3There is much required of ATC’s in order to prepare their team for a practice. These include treating ongoing injuries, athletic taping and bracing, and practice field set-up. Players with ongoing injuries are treated each day in the mornings before practice and again at the end of the day. Their practice status (No Practice, Limited, or Full) is determined and a daily Injury Report is created. This is discussed with the team’s coaches and management so as to know what to expect from each injured player.

Besides preventatively taping commonly sprained joints such as ankles, wrists, and thumbs, ATCs tape and brace players’ injured knees and shoulders to prepare them for a football practice.

The practice fields are prepped with hydration supplies as well as emergency medical equipment, including an AED and spine board. During practice, ATCs are on hand to both monitor player hydration and provide first aid and emergency care to injured players.


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