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Game Days

Game day is the culmination of the teams’ week of preparation. The heightened sense of focus and attention to detail felt by everyone. This day is unlike any other. From the moment they arrive at the stadium, ATCs are in high demand. Game day responsibilities begin with preparing supplies and equipment for use on the field and sideline. Players then need to be taped and braced and receive pre-game treatment as needed. Communication with the visiting Athletic Training staff is also necessary, and coordination with the stadium EMT personnel is a crucial precaution before each game.

Attending to players’ needs and injuries before, during, and after the game is a priority of each team’s medical staff. Besides ATCs, orthopedic, and general medical physicians working together on the sideline, a team’s game day medical staff may include their chiropractor, dentist, and ophthalmologist as well.

ATCs use radio systems to communicate with each other on busy, crowded sidelines, especially during extreme crowd noise. They also communicate with their coaches on the status of injured players throughout the game.

Post-game player injuries are assessed in conjunction with team doctors. Post-game treatments are administered, and any diagnostic testing needs for the upcoming day are addressed and prepped. When the team is on the road, the Training Room supplies and equipment are repacked into trunks, loaded on the team truck and routed to the airport for the journey back home. The preparation for the next game day begins immediately.


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