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Virginia Tech highlights their Athletic Training Students and PFATS Member/Eagles Head Athletic trainer Chris Peduzzi

Virginia Tech spotlights the work of their Athletic Training Students and Alum/Philadelphia Eagles Head Athletic Trainer Chris Peduzzi.


2013 NFL Concussion Protcol details the 2013 protocol for players who have sustained a concussion.


Jacksonville Jaguars Head Athletic Trainer Mike Ryan talks Emergency Response

Long before he became the Jaguars’ first — and only — head athletic trainer, Mike Ryan was given a valuable piece of advice when it came to treating an injured player. “In an emergency situation, the first pulse you need to take is your own,” he said. “You have to get yourself calm because if you’re not a smooth thinker, it will only make matters worse.”


Eight Days a Week: Our Journey Across the Pond

Rob Roche, Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Minnesota Vikings talks about his preparation and experience in London for the Vikings recent game against the Steelers!


Sonia Gysland highlighted by The Dickinson Press!

Pittsburgh Steelers Athletic Trainer Sonia Gysland talks about her upcoming trip to London and caring for the Pittsburgh Steelers!


Giants Assistant Head Athletic Trainer Steve Kennelly discusses Recovery and Return to Play Plan for Injured Athletes

One of the many questions I have been asked over my career is “what can I do for my injury to get back to play as fast as possible?” Returning from an injury involves many factors including the injury type, nature, mechanism, and location. Additional variables that affect return are pain, swelling, range of motion, strength, and function.


PFATS supports NATA's Official Statement on Calling Crown of the Helmet Violations

Players should understand a helmet protects the head from blunt trauma injury. It does not prevent concussion or protect the spine and should not be relied on for that purpose. The best way to keep players safe is for coaches to teach the rules, players to follow the rules, and officials to enforce the rules.


Life as a Rams Training Camp Intern

Working in the National Football League is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Fortunately for me, I was afforded the opportunity to serve as an athletic training intern for the 2013 St. Louis Rams training camp. I would not trade the hours that I have worked, the information that I have learned, or the friendships I have made for anything. I truly consider myself lucky and blessed to have had this opportunity to work for such a great organization.


New York Observer highlights the career of Giants Senior Vice President of Medical Services, Ronnie Barnes

The common perception of the NFL team athletic trainer is that of a normal-size man among monsters. Trafficking in athletic tape and ointments, he trots onto the field, attending fallen players. The less he is seen, the better. Basically, he’s a functionary. Not so with the New York Giants’s Ronnie Barnes.


Giants Athletic Training Interns Recap their Training Camp Experience! interviews the New York Giants 2013 Training Camp interns about their experience and advice for future NFL summer interns!

Results: 135 Articles found.
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