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Beat the Heat: TIps from Gatorade and GSSI on maintaining hydration and staying safe in the heat.

Dehydration decreased muscle power, performance, and tolerance to the heat. With training camp right around the corner, Gatorade and GSSI provide tips on maintaining hydration and preventing heat illness.


An Update on the NFL's Athletic Training Initiative!

Many of you may be wondering more about this program. How does it work? How can I help? First of all, thank you to all of you who are passionately seeking ways to help schools in need of an AT. Please keep in mind this is the very first year of a nationwide effort to increase athletic training medical care for student athletes in high schools. This first-year pilot program is moving forward in an attempt to be implemented in multiple locations as soon as possible.


Gatorade Sports Science Institute: Adapt and Be Ready

This installment from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) examines the importance of recovery in athletic performance.


President Obama announces NFL/NATA/PFATS Collaboration to place Certified Athletic Trainers in underserved high schools!

The NFL, NATA, and PFATS will fund certified athletic trainers in underserved high schools nationwide in a $1 million program announced Thursday at the Whitehouse.


Sports Science Exchange #117: Protein Ingestion Prior to Sleep: Potential for Optimizing Post-Exercise Recovery

In Sports Science Exchange #117, Protein Ingestion Prior to Sleep: Potential for Optimizing Post-Exercise Recovery, Luc van Loon explains that recent studies have shown that protein ingested prior to sleep is effectively digested and absorbed during the night, helping stimulate post-exercise muscle protein accretion during post-exercise overnight sleep. As a result, protein ingestion prior to sleep may represent an effective dietary strategy to inhibit muscle protein breakdown, stimulate muscle ​


Vikings Head Athletic Trainer Explains his Role in the NFL Draft

NATA caught up with Eric Sugarman, MS, ATC, head athletic trainer for the NFL Minnesota Vikings, to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to evaluate athletes during the NFL draft. In addition to his standard responsibilities as head AT, Sugarman said his role in the lengthy process has the potential to make or break a player's chance of being drafted. Read on for the full inside scoop


When the Bills call, Shone Gipson answers

Ever wondered just who that is with the headset on sitting at the Buffalo Bills' table here in Radio City Music Hall? That would be Shone Gipson, an athletic trainer entering his 11th season with the team. For the other 362 days of the year, Gipson works on the care and prevention of injuries. But beginning tonight and for the next two days, Gipson's job is to answer when the call comes in from the war room at One Bills Drive.


NFL Team Physicians Talk about the Combine and Draft Process

Everyone has an opinion about NFL draft prospects, but the ones that count the most come from team doctors and athletic trainers who advise behind the scenes about joint damage and concussion history ​


Recovering and Advancing: Michigan State University Alumni Profile Features Giants Assistant Athletic Trainer Leigh Weiss

When Michigan State University kinesiology alumnus Leigh Weiss graduated from high school in 2000, he was like most graduates—hopeful and carefree. An East Brunswick, N.J. native, Weiss was swimming at the Jersey Shore with friends the weekend after his senior prom. - See more at: http://edwp.educ.msu.edu/new-educator/2014/recovering-and-advancing/#sthash.b26nyssl.dpuf​


Mid-line Stabilization: Bridging the Gap Between Pre-hab and Training

Injury prevention/reduction programs are now common at most levels of sport. Injuries are often multi-factorial and can include the effects of differing levels of sleep, nutrition, training, practice, etc. This article will address injury prevention by examining overall movement patterns and teaching athletes the use of proper form to develop better training habits.

Results: 129 Articles found.


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