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Featured Product: The DS2 Platform


DS2_Photos_050Developed by Roland Ramirez, Assistant Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist for the Houston Texans, the DS2 Platform (Dynamic Stabilization and Strengthening Platform) is a versatile tool that can be used for rehabilitation or general strengthening for the entire body.   A unique feature of this product is that Closed-Kinetic Chain (CKC) exercises can be performed ON THE WALL for shoulder strengthening or stabilization exercises.  This provides for a safe transition through the rehabilitation phases of the shoulder as patients or athletes transition from initial, low-level and unloaded exercises to more challenging exercises on the floor in a loaded position. 

Benefits of the DS2 Platform

  • Low friction and versatile
  • Perform Closed Kinetic Chain (CKC) upper extremity exercises ON THE WALL
  • Allows for limited weight-bearing or load through the shoulder
  • Promotes slight compression in the glenohumeral joint and stimulates co-contraction of the shoulder and scapular muscles
  • Decreased shear forces and increased stability of the shoulder
  • Use for patient-controlled stretching and flexibility
  • Transition from low level exercises on the wall to advanced exercises on the floor for shoulder strengthening and stability
  • Apply resistive bands and place the patients/athletes in various positions to increase the challenge
  • Perform lower extremity exercises and trunk/core exercises with the DS2 Platform on the floor
  • Use dot configuration to perform various patterns to challenge your patients/athletes at their respective skill level or stage of rehab
  • Utilized from the initial phase of rehab to the final "end-stage" and functional training

In addition, the DS2 Platform can be used on a table or on the floor for many other exercises, including core and lower extremity exercises, to challenge your patients or athletes even further.  Please visit the website to see how this simple and versatile tool can make a difference.  













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